Water leaks

While they are often difficult to spot, some of the signs that you may have a water leak might include: 

  • Crumbling plaster
  • Peeling paint
  • Tiles that are cracked and/or loose
  • A musty smell 
  • High water bills

Gas leaks

Gas leaks can be problematic to spot as well. There are a few telltale signs that might clue you into some pipe damage: 

  • The smell of sulfur (or rotten eggs)
  • Visibly damaged pipeline or connection 
  • Blowing dust
  • Bubbles in standing water
Leak Detection in El Paso building

Consequences and Damage from Gas and Water Leaks

Depending on the severity of the leak, there are various degrees of damage to your property. As with anything dealing with a home or commercial property, the sooner the problem is addressed, the better. Water leaks that are left untreated for long periods can cause damage to the structure of the building, the walls, and even nearby equipment, appliances, or hardware. A gas leak that goes undetected can be harmful and dangerous to the health of your employees and customers. 

How We Find and Seal Your Leaks

Once a leak is identified, the precise source of the leak is not always clear. Sometimes it takes a little digging and investigation. Our team employs specialized tools and equipment to assist in locating the leaks.

Water Leaks

For water leaks, we use a thermal image moisture meter, which is special leak detection equipment used to find the leak and investigate piping behind walls, appliances, and so on.

Gas Leaks

Pinpointing the source of a gas leak is a little trickier and more dangerous. It’s why a trained professional should be doing this work at your commercial site. We also make use of a gas leak detector to accurately pinpoint leaks. 


Once we locate the leaks, you will have a better idea of the course of action needed to mitigate or repair the damage.

Contact Us for Timely, Non-Invasive Solutions

Whether you suspect there is a leak or are certain of it, trust a professional to find the source and give you the peace of mind you need.  Give us a call today and we’ll be there right away to find the source of the problem!

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