Fire Lane 分段 and Compliance

A parking lot is more than the parking stripes. Most facilities must comply with federal regulations regarding fire lanes. As a property manager or owner, you are responsible for ensuring ADA compliance with local, 状态, and federal guidelines. Otherwise, the property may incur fines or penalties. 我们可以帮助!

Parking Lot 分段 on a lot in el paso

Handicap Stall Painting

In addition to fire lanes, handicap parking is required to fulfill ADA compliance. Regulations require that handicap parking is adequately marked and labeled with recognizable blue and white icons. 

Directional Arrows

Another way to help traffic flow is with directional arrows. The addition of this feature further organizes and directs vehicular traffic in a commercial parking lot. Help avoid confusion or collisions by integrating directional arrows.

Why 分段 Matters

Parking lot striping serves a variety of purposes. First, it organizes the parking lot in a way that directs traffic and prevents confusion.  Most facilities and commercial spaces require ADA compliance. This means following local, 状态, and federal regulations.

Parking lot striping is essential for:

  • Traffic flow and pedestrian safety 
  • Avoiding sloppy parking and damage to vehicles
  • Compliance with local and federal regulations
  • Providing necessary handicap parking for people with disabilities

Businesses We Proudly Serve

Parking lots and driveways are essential components of both residential and commercial properties. Our crew works with a wide range of businesses including: 

  • 零售商店
  • 商业 office buildings 
  • 餐厅
  • 深信不疑 
  • 加油站
  • Medical facilities
  • Multi-family property
  • 和更多的!

Our 分段 Process

El Paso Cleaning Solutions offers free consultations before any work begins. This way, you know how the process works. Here is a quick overview:

  • 检查. First, our crew goes down and inspects the parking lot. We assess the needs of your lot and provide you with an estimate. 
  • 时间轴. Depending on when we will work on your parking lot, you may have to make arrangements for your customers or traffic. We plan out a timeline to make the process as convenient as possible. 
  • Cleaning stage. For proper striping, it is necessary to clean your lot and remove dirt, debris, and any trash.
  • 分段 and painting stage. Our crew goes over with equipment and the necessary paint to get the job done!

Need Your Parking Lot Striped? El Paso Cleaning Solutions Can Help!

For professional parking lot striping and maintenance, 今天打电话给我们. We offer a free consultation.