Whether you are calling for preventative maintenance or scheduling an emergency clean up, our specialized equipment and cleaning techs are ready to get your pipes working at optimum performance. Keeping to a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to ensure your pipes don’t see major clogs or build-up over time.

Hydro-Jetting — Safe and Effective Methods for Pipe Cleaning

The use of high powered and high-pressure jets of water is an effective method for cleaning accumulated debris and grime in these hard to reach places. The method of hydro-jetting has been around since the 1950s and is thus a proven method that has been developed and improved over time.

Typically the hydro-jet consists of a high-pressure hose, a large nozzle, a tank of water, and a special motor that pressurizes the water. Hydro jets can use anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 PSI with a flow rate of 18 GPM, which is classified as high pressure.

Benefits of Pressurized Water for Cleaning

There are several benefits that come with using the effective method of Hydro-Jetting or pressurized water for cleaning pipes. The main benefits for you include:

  • Highly effective cleaning
  • Quick and minimal disruption to operations
  • Tackles most clogs easily without problems
  • Can be used for pipes and drains
  • Removes different kinds of gunk and grime
  • Safe for different types of piping
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Hydro-Jetting is Ideal for Food Processing Plants & Stainless Steel Pipes

If your drains are slowing down or are no longer running at optimum capacity, it might be time to implement a heavy-duty cleaning solution. In commercial kitchens, restaurants, or food plants, piping systems are known to accumulate grease and residue over time and sometimes rather quickly depending on use. Combating this requires high-grade and sophisticated machinery, chemicals, and expertise.

Pressurized long streams of hot water are an effective practice for removing layers of grime from pipes that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Get Clean Pipes with El Paso Cleaning Solutions

We specialize in cleaning those hard to reach places. In both industrial and commercial settings, piping systems can clog up quickly and we are here to help you solve those issues. Call El Paso Cleaning Solutions today and get commercial or industrial pipe cleaning from experienced professionals. Reach us at today.

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